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A Fate Beyond Sadness
Enforcer Fate T. Harloun
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11th-Jun-2011 12:58 am - [locked from hostiles]
You must be shitting me.
It appears we have another situation on our hands.

As I'm sure you all already know, a number of people have gone missing. Furthermore, judging by what happened to Greg Sanders, we know that they are not being kidnapped.

Furthermore, they were all people whose souls were taken as part of the machinations by the individual known as Akumaro.

Those of you who were his victims in the past, I urge you to stay in doors and with the company of a trusted friend. A DATS agent will be by shortly to assist in case you begin to act strangely or go off on your own. Strangely, everyone's partners are missing as well.

Commanders, I would also like to request to allied area leaders that a public notice be put out on all channels. With your permission of course.

Everyone, stay safe, and if you see or hear anything, please let us know. We also value the assistance of anyone who would wish to help in this ordeal.

Bulletin: At this time, we cannot verify the location of Zashiki Warashi, Akumaro's primary victim from the last time. Please keep an eye out for her as well.
Just a bit surprised.
Everyone, with help from Hoshi, we've managed to pinpoint the whereabouts of Zashiki-warashi.

She's in Sanctity. The thing is... Hoshi's spell detected her in six different locations.

Meaning whatever is going on, the people responsible for this are trying to misdirect us. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to investigate all six points. Whatever's going on there can't be good.

Again, I remind you - Zashiki is to be brought in alive. Stay safe out there, everyone. You may be walking right into a trap...

[attached: Coordinates for Zashiki's six locations]

((further details can be found here.))
Charging through battle
It goes without saying that most of you are aware of what has transpired. That said, I'll cut to the chase.

As of now, 18 victims have been reported as being affected, by mystical means, of having their "souls stolen." The individual perpetrating these acts has been identified as Zashiki-warashi, whose abilities are being exploited by an unknown individual. We know that said individual is controlling Zashiki with magic tied to the Terran religions of Buddhism, Shintoism, and Daoism. Finally, said individual is also in league with, or may be partnered to, a Renamon that evolves into a Kabukimon.

According to Shizuka Doumeki, we have 24 hours before the victims of this crisis fade away completely. Time is of the essence.

Zashiki-warashi and this mysterious Renamon are both wanted. We must stress that Zashiki is a victim in all of this, and must not come to harm. Furthermore, anyone with information on this matter, please come forward immediately.

Lastly, if anyone you know is being affected by this, please take them to the nearest medical facility, and make it known to the investigation efforts. Lock all posts from hostiles.

Stay safe, everyone.

EDIT: I ask that all investigators prime themselves on the information here, which relates to an individual named Akumaro, who has become a suspect in this ordeal. The body of Hitsuji Sako is also a priority, as she is most certainly involved as an accomplice.
Ready to Fight
Everyone, I'm informing you of DATS' preparations to undertake a great initiative.

You are all familiar with the events that occurred several months ago, regarding the assailants and their victims. In the time since, we have determined that the attacks were masterminded by an as of yet unidentified individual, who worked with the fugitive Kagura Tsukasa to put a bounty on numerous individuals. The reason for this was to send a message... that we are not invincible, and that they have to power to engineer our destruction.

Today, we begin our effort to prove those words wrong. Thanks to agent Rattrap, we have identified the source of the anonymous message that was transmitted several months ago: a location in D'Ango Forest. Advance scouting has determined that the location is a fortified base, and that it is guarded by who we believe to be Asukan mercenaries.

I will be leading a team of myself, Agent Rattrap, and several volunteers to the base in order to see what can be learned there, and to determine whether or not we can find any information about our mastermind.

But that will not be the end of our efforts. I am calling on all members of DATS - in my branch or otherwise - to get out there and hit the streets. The assailants are still out there, walking free... we will show them that they cannot get away with what they have done. If you see any of them out and about in the streets, arrest them and confiscate their D-Comms, so we can glean whatever data we need about their transactions with this supposed conspiracy.

Furthermore, keep your eyes out for any strange behavior, or signs of goings on... recent rumblings have led us to believe that the criminal underworld is becoming more bold, and that we need to see just how many of them are involved with deeper mysteries. Be on the lookout for agents of the Tetha Police, the Hellfire Gang, and the Syndicate...

... And most importantly of all...

Be careful everyone.

- Commander Fate Testarossa Harlaown
25th-Feb-2010 05:43 pm - [locked to DATS]
I'm sure you've all seen Greg-san's post... I would like for all Investigation squad members to be on the look out for Luna Lovegood, Ritsu Namine, Adorea, Hikari-Kyoyama Hoshi, and Wakahisa Eri. We have a missing DATS member here, too, so this is of utmost concern.

Question any civilians who you think might be able to help. See if their partners are willing to talk, or if they have anything that might lead us to their Tamers.

... Furthermore, the kidnapper does not appear very intelligent, so... there's a possibility more secrets may be revealed here over the journals. Keep an eye on them, everyone.

For those not in Investigations, I humbly request your assistance as well...
6th-Feb-2010 12:12 am - [locked from hostiles]
Default: Fate Testarossa Harloun
Excuse me, but this is urgent.

The following people on this list who have not already been attacked by an assailant, please respond here. You are in terrible danger.

DATS would like to assist, and offer protection to all who need it, as well as stress that you do all you can to avoid conflict.

((For those of you on that version of the list who haven't been attacked, but still want to... feel free to have them still do so, just with an appropriate backdate set before this post. The same goes for people who have threads that aren't finished - your threads are still valid. That said, feel free to respond however you like with all that in mind. ^^))
21st-Jan-2010 01:47 am - [locked to DATS]
Serious Fate is Serious
I have grave news to report. Earlier this evening, Agent Dynamo was found, deactivated, with a metal saw blade thrown into the base of his skull.

This was after we had ordered him to return based on suspicions of him being involved in the recent attacks. His helmet was missing among his personal effects, and his D-Comm was found lying away from his person. I suspect it may have been tampered with.

Commanders, I suggest Dynamo be put under observation, and that we mobilize all resources to combat this threat.
14th-Nov-2009 10:16 pm(no subject)
Just a bit surprised.

All of these experiences people are having seem to be pause for concern.

To those afflicted... have you experienced or ran into anything strange as of late?
14th-Sep-2009 12:00 am - [locked from hostiles]
Listen to me if you know what's good for
This is a rather old development, but I felt it should be made known. Last month, a Tamer named Anthony Levins hired a mercenary to kill his significant other. Levins was recently turned over to our custody by D'Ango Police, but the murderer is still at large.

His name is Nack the Weasel, though he goes by the alias "Fang the Sniper." Nack is also at large for a previous attack on one of our agents, Knuckles the Echidna. His skills are in sabotage and the use of firearms.

It should also be noted that three Tamers are to be given credit for Levins' capture... our own secondary member Ashton Anchors, Naga the Serpent, and Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun.

Be on the lookout; he's considered armed and dangerous. His partner, Gazimon, can evolve to Perfect, with both forms being Revolmon and Assaultmon.
19th-Jun-2009 10:19 pm - [locked to Vivio]
... Vivio, I was wondering if I could speak to you.
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